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Just "bey" you!!!

So y'all remember when Beyonce first released Renaissance? So many people voiced their complaints and dislikes because it wasn't what they were expecting or used to. I even heard people say she needed to release more songs or simply do remixes of what was already on the album. Even die hard "beehive" members seemed to be concerned about the outcome of the new album. Fast forward a few months later and now everyone is dressing up in their best aluminum foil and exchanging rent money for tickets.

What if Beyonce had listened to the crowd and changed up the album to the people's liking? What if she had listened to the naysayers that didn't even give it a chance? Instead, she did what she wanted to do. She produced what felt good to HER!

It's not too late to start living life for YOU! Do what makes you happy! Do what keeps you peaceful. Tune out the naysayers. Go with your heart and just "BEY"


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